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Veronica Johnsen

Lead Interior Designer

Veronica is our lead workplace designer with a passion about seeking new ideas and exploring the unknown to create something unique where functionality and beauty meet.

No big design ego or diva. The mantra is that it’s not our project, it’s yours.

Basing Interior Architecture around people and creating solutions that can withstand time is something she thrives for. Intelligent solutions that make your life easier.

With this, the result will be meaningful, inspirational and create experiences that will leave a lasting impact.

Veronica is a creative and enthusiastic interior designer with 8+ years of demonstrated international experience within large-scale hospitality, corporate, workplace and residential design projects.

Born and raised in Norway, Veronica believes in genuine connection between people and nature. With a background from New York, it’s safe to say that she is a curious and adventurous personality.

She has now settled in London with her family of 3. But it is safe to say that her hobbies are based around cultural experiences, food, and travels. And fitness, just to eat even more.

Veronica’s favourite quote: “Creativity Is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein

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