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Rajhiv Walden

Technical Design Lead

Raj heads up the technical side of design at AW using CAD as his main device to communicate design and intent to build. A typical day would be to collaborate with designers to interpret the design brief, space plan, and project specifications to illustrate 2D & 3D construction plans. Additionally working with ground zero (site team) to record what’s actually being built.

With a background in product design and earlier career prospects in landscape gardening and joinery Raj naturally fits in his role where creativity and functionality meet. Technically.

Raj brings in his 5+ years of direct experience within the design & build sector, working for and with companies such as VDRC London, ISG, Space and Thirdway Interiors. He’s built up a network and library of resources that allow him to be versatile on projects regardless of familiarity.

In his personal time, Raj helps his family to run a Caribbean Sunday kitchen and plays various sports like basketball and football to stay healthy. He believes this is where he gets his personable and empathetic attitude from.

Core belief – A sense of humour and a smile can weather any storm or trials faced.

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