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Workplace Consultancy is scaled to match the specific requirements your situation requires and provides incisive and clear direction to the strategy for your project.  Working with internal and external consultants our team has many years’ experience in co-ordinating and delivering consultancy.

Real Estate Strategy

We run workshops with executive teams and individuals to help formulate a workplace strategy for real estate and property covering agile working models, work from home (WFH), maintaining a social hub, geography and key locations, co-working, subletting and shared accommodation.

Workplace Utilisation Studies

We work with partners to run workplace studies to observe current working hours, patterns and habits, highlight under-utilised spaces and rooms, and propose changes to enable better use of space, strategies to enable full staff engagement and interaction and ideas on how to cut real estate costs.

Property Search and Appraisals

We can make recommendations for reputable property agencies for all postcodes within London and indeed across the UK. Equally if you have already appointed an agency we will work alongside you to help longlist and then shortlist properties, surveying your favourite spaces, producing test fit layouts and advising on landlord specifications.

Change Management

Partnering with change management specialists, we can work with your leadership team to devise a strategy to seamlessly move your teams into new ways of working – making the switch from traditional desk heavy office space to an agile model with hot desking can unsettle staff if not carefully managed and that’s why we promote teaming with professional consultants to help manage the change.

Stakeholder Engagement

A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in a company and who will be affect by changes within the company – with an office relocation or refurbishment this can cover employees, partners, suppliers and clients. We can help you manage both internal and external communications – with services ranging from employee engagement meetings and forums through to both digital and printed campaigns communicating changes in direction and updates on the location of your new home.

Moves & Relocation

Our project management team can help advise and manage the complete office relocation service for you including removals, storage and filing services, IT and telecoms, and can liaise with key partners such as cleaning, coffee and planting companies to ensure a smooth move.

Get a head start on the planning phase of your office move or refurbishment

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