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Video Advertising, office expansion and refurbishment

Whitechapel, London - £200,000

Vidsy Co-Founder, Gerard Keeley, was keen to apply a unique concept called The Eudaimonia Machine to in their new offices in The Loom, Aldgate. Imagined by US architect David Dewane, the Machine takes the concept of the office as an experience-based journey through 5 rooms or spaces where distinctly different work gets done: The Gallery, The Salon, The Library, The Office and The Chamber. The final inner Chamber is where, without the distraction of email and phone, deep work gets completed; a concept that Keeley really buys into: “I love the idea of using the work environment to drive value for both employees and the business, helping our team to achieve their full potential”.

With open brick walls, dartboards and pool tables, this beautiful office exudes confidence, creativity and is quite frankly, the epitome of cool; essential when you’re a video company that’s a certified creative partner of YouTube. Key features included a bespoke breakfast bar/collaboration table in the kitchen, perfect for throwing down ideas and enjoying snacks from the table’s hidden food storage, as well as glazed moving walls between the boardroom and breakout area to enable large business and social events.

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