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Kernel Global

Recruitment, Office Relocation

Barbican, London - 20,000sqft


Kernel Global is a multi-brand, multi-niche, high quality recruitment ecosystem that harnesses the power of human aspiration, human inspiration, and human application. With their mantra “it’s our people that make us”, it was important to create a space that works for the people that use the office the most – the staff.

The design team at AW Spaces worked closely with the key stakeholders at Kernel to envision a multifunctional space that gives a modern blend of workspace, meeting space, collaborative spaces, quiet zones, and a buzzing kitchen and breakout space – giving staff the choice to work where best suited for any particular task or project.

With a subtle industrial aesthetic, the design brings in colour and detail in finishes – giving a cool vibe whilst retaining a professional atmosphere. The bespoke reception desk greets visitors on arrival – situated in front of rotating steel and glass fins allowing a glimpse into the collaborative zone behind. Bespoke painted kitchen units bring in punches of orange and green colour, and the use of gold mirrors and wall lights give a high-end residential feel to the kitchen.

Zones within the workspace are cleverly divided using a bespoke grid storage system – giving low level storage with open steel shelves above, which are well complemented with biophilic planting, awards and branded merchandise. This zonal division is cost effective as well as less invasive than installing permanent partitioning – and allows teams to hear the buzz of other teams across the floor.

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