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Hat Trick Productions

TV Production, office refurbishment, Camden Town

Camden Town, London - £400,000

london office reception desk design

Hat Trick Productions are a well-known TV company that run shows such as Have I got News for you, Room 101 and Dinner Date. This sophisticated project was a reconfiguration of the company’s front of house, including the reception, washrooms, meeting rooms, edit suites and screening room.

The reception has an array of hanging acoustic ceiling tiles to muffle any noise disturbance that might affect live production. Colour was used to contrast the areas for lively discussion, such as the kitchen and breakout areas which were filled with natural light, rich green furnishings and natural wood panelling, compared to the rooms for concentration and technology-focused work which have black furniture and jet black walls

An adaptable environment was key, so the screening room was multi-functional with dimmable lighting, flexible furniture and moving walls that can be set up for various events such as castings, script readings and run throughs as well as traditional staff meetings.

london office acoustic ceiling baffles
london office reception sofa design
london office feature lighting
london office breakout booths with recycled materials
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