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Three things that boost wellbeing in an office

So you’re a business owner or a facilities/office manager, and you’re thinking – What can I do to improve my employee’s wellbeing?

Here are 3 things you definitely should be including in any office whether you’re having it fitted out or not.


Planting and natural textures

Plants and natural textures help to increase the visual elements and bring in natural representations of nature inside the workspace so employees don’t feel like they’re holed up in a concrete box all day. They have got actual life and textures that remind them of the outside, inside the office. This is really important as it taps into our natural biophilia (our innate love of life) and helps keep people more relaxed and productive throughout the day.


It’s really important to have good lighting in an office space – if the space is too dark, then it can feel really oppressive. Companies need to have light, bright, airy spaces that will encourage people to want to come into work and help them to do their best work.

It can be really helpful to have lighting that will actually tender to the body’s natural circadian rhythms so the actual temperature of the light will change throughout the day to help keep the body going through its natural cycles, which is really beneficial to anyone. For more on circadian rhythms, click here.

Air Quality

Make sure your air quality is up to scratch. In the last couple of years we’ve had it brought home to us just how important good air quality is and having some sort of filtration system in your office will really help to keep people well and free of any nasties that might be floating in the air. Planting also plays a big part in keeping air quality at an optimum level. Plants help to bring moisture into the air, which is sometimes taken out by air con system. So again, this can help to reduce things like sick building syndrome.


We hope that’s been useful! And any questions you’ve got, any queries, or if you just want to have a chat about how to create a great workspace for your employees, give us a shout. 


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