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Once more into Lockdown we go…


Office design and fitout in London

So nearly halfway into our second lockdown and already we can see a difference from the last time.

The novelty of lockdown has long worn off now and our resilience, motivation and adaptability have been tested much more than our ability to keep a physical distance between each other. Yet our industry is a fantastic example of how to maintain momentum even when ‘normality’ seems endlessly further away. Normality isn’t what it once was and we have all had to learn to adapt in order to survive. The ability to inspire people to keep moving forward and remain focused on goals and plans for the future has become increasingly difficult with such turbulence of restrictions, and what feels like, constant hurdles for growth and development.

Although there will be varied strong opinions on what we should be focusing on right now, the point still remains the same – the world is still turning, we all need to succeed, and we all want the same things for our businesses.

AW Spaces are continuing to manage their busy workload and we have benefited from the ongoing support of our loyal client base throughout this year. We are starting to see the realisation from clients that ‘the show must go on’ – such as AAR in Heathrow – and not only is it a fantastic time to get construction work done while the offices are quieter, but the quicker we move forward, the sooner we might just see some version of normal.

We are blessed with a fantastic team who are working closely with clients to achieve some incredible goals, regardless of the hurdles and restrictions placed in front of everyone.

We can all do this, we just need to keep the end goal in mind and remain focused in spite of the journey we’re all taking to get there.

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