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LWARB’s circular office fitout

Moving into new offices in Shoreditch earlier this year provided the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) with the perfect opportunity to put their circular economy principles into action. LWARB felt it was essential to partner with a fitout company who understood their vision to retain, re-use, refurbish or recycle wherever possible; and selected Action Workspace to deliver the project.

An office fitout usually starts by stripping out existing fittings and taking the office back to a basic shell, but for this project this principle was turned on its’ head: in fact, this was a key criteria when LWARB viewed properties and selected the space – the view from the outset was to keep the existing infrastructure as much as possible.

Air-conditioning units, lighting, blinds, network cabling, floor boxes and carpet tiles were all retained. When replacement materials were needed, remanufactured, refurbished or recycled products were selected wherever possible. For example, flooring and carpeting is made from recycled yarns and fishing nets, and beautiful reclaimed oak flooring was sourced from the redevelopment of the Royal College of Surgeons’ Lincoln’s Inn site. Spare oak boards were used as cladding for the built-in core storage. Elsewhere cupboard doors and meeting room desktops are made from reconstituted waste plastic and the plasterboard from Ecor can be fully recycled at the end of it’s life.

“The fit-out project has been a valuable experience in putting our circular principles into practice. We wanted to make it affordable and replicable. We are keen to share our experience and our continued learning with others,” said Wayne Hubbard, CEO, LWARB.

The space was fitted out in just four weeks and the result is a smart, medium spec modern working environment. You can see the completed project and the products by clicking below.

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