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How office design improves productivity

How Office DEsign Improves Productivity

Office design can significantly increase the productivity of your employees, which can greatly improve your bottom line. However, many business leaders don’t realize that office design is just as important as the productivity of employees themselves. Some offices are more efficient than others simply because they are designed that way, which is why collaborative workspaces are on the rise.


How your workplace is designed has a bigger impact on productivity than any other choice you make. Whether you work with dozens of employees or work from home alone, creating a productive workspace is one of the best things you can do for your productivity and mental health. To create the most productive and productive workspace for your company and your employees, make informed decisions about your values ​​and priorities and how they will be reflected in your physical space. If you want your employees to increase their productivity, it will depend on the structure and setup of your office.


Investing in the overall atmosphere of your office and creating light, bright, comfortable and inspiring workplaces will improve the overall mood, health and happiness of your employees, motivating them to become more productive and creative in general. Bright, well-organized and comfortable offices can increase energy levels, employee well-being and stress levels. Research has shown that the characteristics of an office can have a major impact on the behaviour, perceptions, and performance of workers. In other studies, satisfaction with the work environment was also directly related to overall job satisfaction.


The office, if properly designed, has the power to inspire employees to new levels of understanding and innovation. Companies are now incorporating elements into their office environment that improve how their teams work and the work they do there. Good examples of this are collaboration zones, work booths for focussed working and social areas. A well designed office has several different spaces in which people can work, and spaces for them to relax.


According to The WELL Building Institute, workplace design that considers air quality, lighting, nature views, and overall interior layout can have a significant impact on staff health, satisfaction, well-being, and productivity. Office design is a subtle factor influencing employee performance and should be considered in welfare and administrative restructuring initiatives to ensure the health and productivity of workers and, in turn, the profitability and productivity of the company.


Introducing a health-friendly design and structure in the workplace means the office is designed to support and encourage activities such as lunchtime walks, ultimately instilling a culture of health in the workplace. Office design helps employees stay active by getting them moving instead of sitting all day. By simply providing employees with areas to recharge and keeping their comfort in mind, your peoples engagement and productivity will rise.


An office should also have sufficient ventilation for employees with access to fresh air, which greatly increases productivity. Environments that are lacking in this area will be stuffy and stifling and give rise to maladies such as Sick Building Syndrome. Outdoor spaces that employees can use are also a great way of providing fresh air and an environment that promotes healthy working.


Technology in the office should always have a purpose and help make life easier for employees. An office should make it easy for you to complete everyday tasks, such as typing, making quiet phone calls, or booking meeting rooms, as well as collaborating and fostering social interaction. Spaces that cater well for all types of working and use technology to help this really do see an increase in workforce productivity.


Office furniture and layout can play an important role in productivity. Even small changes can have a huge impact on your thinking so choosing a well-designed office space will make you feel more motivated, creative and happy. Being aware of major improvements in office design that impact employee well-being can increase efficiency and help you get the most out of your workforce.


The appearance of office furniture can create a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Office layout can include not only properly designed tables, chairs and monitors, but also workstations with the possibility of alternating sitting and standing positions. The rise of ‘resimercial’ design has also seen more residential-style furniture make an appearance in the office, helping to create a ‘home away from home’ improving the employees’ relationship with the office.


Biophilia in the office has also been shown to improve the mental health of employees. Potted plants, open patios and large windows help bring the outdoors in, and office furniture with natural finishes such as wood or stone can make employees feel closer to nature. Research shows that having live plants in your office makes you more productive, happier, and less stressed.


Using colour can spice up the workplace and have a major impact on the psychology of the office, so refreshing your office with colour is a great way to relieve stress and boost productivity. A few bright pieces of furniture or some feature walls add interest and help stimulate the brain, helping employees remain engaged, productive and focussed.


The ability of employees to focus and stay focussed will often be one of the reasons your business grows, and your productivity levels increase. Research shows that a well-designed office can increase productivity by up to 20%. A well-designed office layout does more than just visual beauty for a company, it helps keep the employees happy, and helps to nurture talent. To win the war for talent, you need to have a space that people want to come and work in.


You can reap the benefits of the productivity of a high-performance workplace by changing the way you think about your office. Even if you’re not planning a major move or redesign, we’d love to talk to you about how you can make your space more productive, people-centred, and profitable. There are hundreds of workplace surveys and research papers that reveal some interesting ideas on how to improve your workspace and help employees stay productive, and we can help and advise on the latest ways of working and how you can keep aligned with the latest findings in employee productivity and wellness.
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