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Hanover Communications

For any business rapid growth and a diverse client base are nice problems to have. And yet that’s precisely what made the office design brief from London communications agency Hanover a challenge. The brief outlined the need for a space that could accommodate growth whilst visually reflecting the diversity of the business and its client base.

For a solution we tapped into Hanover’s own mantra “we make uncommon sense”. Looking at current and projected staff numbers and how the office is used, we saw that occupancy would rarely be 100% so it was logical that a 4/5 desk/person ratio would work. By combining a smart blend of IT flexibility, ‘away from desk’ work positions and hot desking, our design team have come up with a brief solving solution that works with how many people are in the office at any given time, rather than the total number of staff.

The space will give staff a variety of environments to work in with the design including a collaboration space which can be quickly turned into a seminar space for external and internal events.

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