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Creating a space for your people

If you’re the founder of a business or a CEO, or someone looking after an office project, you’re probably, and quite rightly, thinking that you know exactly what your office needs.

You might be sitting there thinking, ‘we must have a ping pong table’, we’ve got to have a beer fridge, a slide, and grass on the floor.’

But have you ever actually thought about what will people actually need?

Our challenge to you today is that if you’re looking at getting a new office and you want to know what to include in it, go and speak to your people.


They might have a vastly different idea of what a great workspace means for them. For instance, they may not be bothered about a pool table or a beer fridge, or a slide. Instead, they might be really, really concerned that there’s a gym in the nearby vicinity or that commute isn’t more than 45 minutes away, or that they have showers internally so when they’re biking to work, they can get refreshed again.

They might request quiet working spaces – such as pods – to go and do quiet focused work. Or they might request more collaborative zones.

Office Design and Build in London for Vidsy
Quiet working area at our project for Vidsy.


You see, the way we work is changing and the way the office is used is also changing, and creating a destination workspace isn’t just about the fun parts. It’s also about having an office that works the way your people want it to work.

Including your staff in the process will increase happiness and productivity and most importantly increase staff retention because they will feel like they have a connection to the space because they’ve had a positive input into the look and feel of the final space.

Happy staff! Our project for Ecom Recruitment.


So if you’re thinking about an office move or an office refurbishment, make sure you go and speak to your people.

Because they know how they work best.

And after all, all you want is a space where your people can be their most productive at work.

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